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Hello and welcome to my site. I needed a place to store all my computer files, ideas and projects so decided to put it here. This is a rudimentary website mostly written in notepad although I did download three free versions of the web editors. I downloaded Sublime text 3 because it seemed popular and came recommmeded by one of the programming intructors Pamela on the learning website I downloaded coffecup editor since it came up in searches and was easily available. Finally I downloaded Microsoft expressions because it was recommended by Christopher Heng on but have not used it save for opening a couple of times. I did not like coffeecup at first since I was new to HTML5 and did not understand the syntax they were using but now I like it over Sublime Text. I was also worried that the editors might bloat my file or somehow garble my code making learning harder. Sublime text was okay when I had to code a large amount of text such as my downloadable pdfs which became necessary when notepad would run to slow and had problems cutting and pasting large data. The builtin spellchecker helped my correct errors and finish editing in conjuction with OpenOffice writer. After awhile the black screen of Sublime text has hard to read and I do not like there other light colored themes. I believe that you can customize Sublime and add mods and other things like that but I am not there yet having only started my site on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. I actually started a little sooner than that like around Saturday, February 24 but I was mostly editing my books and finding which software I needed to get started.

I am interested in building online and offine for personal use and maybe leading into content hosting or social media but am interested in what other people are working on. If you have any tips, feedback, items to share or need to contact me use the form at the bottom of the page.



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